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Why Should You Utilize AMPS?

Investing in AMPS is a good move if you’re a new business. Below, we’ll be discussing why this is so. If curious why, read ahead.

Mobile Users

If you look at it, you’ll see that mobile users are the most common buyers on the internet. This is as everyone is around their phone.

In a study, they found that 91% of adults in America always have their phones by. So by making your site easy to use, you’re increasing how man sales you acquire.

In the long run, this will bring you more and more cash.

Users Won’t Click Away

Everyone hates slow websites. This is a universal trait, so if your site is taking a long time to load, chances of potential customers getting annoyed and clicking away is very high. We don’t want this as this would contribute to a lack of sales.

Thankfully, this will not be the case with AMPS utilized as you’ll get rid of the clutter on your website, making it easier to load, even with a user’s slow Wi-Fi.

Better Brand Image

If your site is slow, users will think bad of you. Because they’ll think you’re not professional, which is why you couldn’t invest in a proper mobile site. This image is bad as it would make them not want to work with you, even though your goods and services are high quality.

This bad image of you could grow if they had a horrible time on your site, making them avoid everything that has to do with you, even your social media.

Word Of Mouth

If your website isn’t easy to use, you’re not only building a bad brand image, but customers would start to spread their experience with you to their friends.

They’ll tell their friends and family how difficult it was for them to maneuver your site and about the lag they faced. So, they’re better off working with one of your competitors.

They’re Cheap

AMPS are very cheap. You may think they’re expensive but you can hire a web developer and easily get it done. However, the better the AMPs are, the more you’ll have to spend.

This is very worth it as the accelerated mobile pages are contributing heavily to how many sales you’ll make along with your brand’s image.

They’re Accessible

Web developers are an essential part of digital marketing. Because of this, they’re everywhere. So you can easily get a hold of their services to get the AMPS added.

Ad Revenue

Not only do AMPS make your site easier to use, but they allow for ad revenue. You’ll still have ads on the side of your site, giving you additional income which a lot of small businesses’ benefit from.

Mobile Ranking

As your website is so fast, you’ve contributed to the website’s ranking. This makes you more accessible by users.

That being said, SERPS have not considered how fast mobile sites are. However, they might in the future, which would contribute to how accessible you are as well.

The above points ran through the many benefits of utilizing AMPS. As you saw, they are very beneficial.


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