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What you need to avoid in Singapore

If you are a traveler exploring the seas and countries beyond your nation, Singapore should definitely be included in your list. However unlike other countries, Singapore has a couple things that you need to know before you visit as a tourist. So here are some of them.

Don’t think about throwing that wrapper on the floor

Cleanliness is a huge part in Singapore and because of the strict rules that have been imposed, today this nation is considered as one of the cleanest countries in the world. So if you ever plan on visiting this nation or apply singapore pr, make sure that you always think twice before you just litter the place. There are bins set about in the street in different places to encourage proper garbage disposal and not abiding by them is certainly going to get you paying dollars worth of fine charges! Don’t forget, NO SPITTING allowed either!

Throw away the gum collection before you visit

In Singapore there is a strict law against chewing gum and just like with littering the place, chewing gum too can get you in to serious dollar fines and community service. Although it is completely banned in the country, for medical purposes chewing nicotine gums and such are allowed. And while it might hurt you to know that you have to now get rid of your gum collection, know that a maximum of only two packs are allowed. Anything more is sure to bring consequences when being checked at in the airport.

Know the cost before you eat

If you are a huge fan of street food, visiting the hawker center is a must. And when you are ordering your meal, make sure that you always ask for the price beforehand. Agree on a favorable price with the seller and then place the order. Many tourists have had bad experiences where they end up paying a lot of money for a simple meal like chili crabs, just because they didn’t ask for the price beforehand.  So be aware of this and ask for prices beforehand if you want to save a few hundred dollars to spend on another day!

Don’t vandalize and risk it

Vandalism in Singapore is a huge crime that is surely going to bring you a lot of trouble. So if you feel like breaking rules and spray painting the walls, get ready to be whipped to death, literally. Some time back a couple German tourists had to undergo this punishment for vandalizing a public train carriage. So if you don’t want to fall to the same group, think of following rules as being cool and don’t bother with breaking them!

Consider the above tips on for your trip and ensure that you have a memorable one worthy of a gazillion Instagram pics!


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