Tips on How to be More Professional in the Office

Obviously, you want to make your presence known at work. You want to be someone that’s respected and known to be a hard worker.  For that you need to be impeccably professional and make your name known for being so. You will be respected by your superiors and admired by your colleagues in no time if you follow these simple tips.

Dress Code

Of course, every work place has a dress code and you’re not silly enough to ignore that. But also pay attention to how others dress around you. Do they go all out with ties and jackets? If not, and you still go extra decked out to work, this just means you’re showing off. This won’t get you any respect and you’ll be seen as unapproachable. To be more professional is to obey the dress code to the T, yes, but don’t do it in an arrogant manner.

Work More

Each work place has the minimum hours you can work- you need to work longer. We’re not suggesting staying hours over time- that would just make you a workaholic! No, don’t forget to incorporate some personal time too. Show that you are not mindful of the clock and you’re not itching to leave as soon your minimum hour is reached. Stay at least 30 minutes after to show people that you are passionate about what you do and you’re willing to grow as an individual and accept more responsibility.


As much as there’s nothing wrong with asking people for help, don’t be one of those workers who continuously do so. Learn how to be a little tech-savvy, especially after the first two times of asking help. Learn how to work those fuji Xerox printers Adelaide or those photocopy machines. Understanding your tech and how to handle equipment will take you a long way, else you will just look uneducated and clueless.

Professional Attitude

As much as you want to tell people about your wild night the other day, or that offensive joke on the tip of your tongue, the working environment where anyone can hear you is the last possible place to do so. It is a guaranteed way of losing professionalism if it reaches your superior’s ears. Save that kind of talk for break or after work hours.


A key aspect of professionalism is punctuality. Meetings at work are common, don’t be one of the late-comers if you want to be taken seriously. Nobody ever likes to be kept waiting or to be interrupted while they speak, so make sure to calculate your travel time and be there on time. This will get you bonus points if you do it regularly.

Personal Grooming

Everyone has different ideas when it comes to personal grooming but when it comes to the workplace, there’s usually a generalized set of rules. It might seem like you’re heading back to school again but alas this is one of the main ways you establish a sense of professionalism. For men, beards and hair must be trimmed and kept neatly. For women, makeup must be minimal and neat hair is a must. Also, remember not to wear shiny, distracting bling since this too is frowned upon.

Follow these tips on how to be more professional at home and stick to them with dedication- no doubt, it will definitely get you points with your superiors and colleagues.

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