The Role of Ultrasound in Pregnancy

Through the years, it is recommended that pregnant women should undergo an ultrasound check on certain periods in the course of their pregnancy. The first ultrasound check is usually done around 18 to 20 weeks to take a glimpse of what’s happening inside the womb for the first time.

This is usually an exciting moment for parents because of the fact that it will be the first time that they will see their baby and even get a first selfie of their little one. However, there is more to this procedure than just taking a snapshot or getting amazed by the new life forming inside the womb. An ultrasound provides crucial information about the health of the baby inside. Read along to learn more about the role of an ultrasound scan during pregnancy.

Confirm the Gestational Age

During the first ultrasound, the doctor will confirm if there is a pregnancy and verify the gestational age of the growing foetus inside the womb. Knowing the gestational age is essential in checking whether the baby is developing well according to its age.

The doctor will compare the baby’s measurements against an established growth chart to know if he’s growing at the right pace. The gestational age is also used to estimate the due date to ensure that the baby isn’t delivered to early or too late. If you’re pregnant and you haven’t had your first ultrasound check yet, book with a local radiology clinic today and get checked.

Monitor Foetal Growth and Position

To ensure that the baby goes out healthy on the big day, regular ultrasound checks are done by the doctor to monitor foetal growth inside the womb. The baby should not fall behind the expected norms of foetal growth. If ever this happens, it could be a sign of an underlying problem in the placenta or the baby’s health itself.

Early detection of this problem helps the doctor plan out an intervention and solve the issue early on before it gets worse. Aside from monitoring growth, an ultrasound scan is also used to check foetal position especially when the mother is nearing her due date. This is to ensure that the delivery method used is safe for both mom and baby.

Detect Congenital Anomalies

There are unavoidable circumstances in which the baby has a congenital anomaly. Ultrasound scans can help detect these problems early on in the pregnancy to inform parents and help them prepare themselves on how to face this kind of difficulty. In some cases, there could be chances that the problem could still be solved when diagnosed and treated early on.

Identify Multiple Pregnancies

Multiple pregnancies require special attention that’s why it is important to monitor this kind of pregnancy through a regular ultrasound scan. It can show whether the babies inside are developing safely and identify complications early on to deal with it promptly.

Now that you know the importance of an ultrasound check during pregnancy, don’t hesitate to visit your doctor and get checked to learn about the current situation of your baby and the pregnancy.

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