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The Differences Between Commercial And Domestic Cleaning

There are visible differences amongst domestic and commercial cleaning procedures based on different factors. Domestic cleaning is more inclined towards residences while commercial cleaning involves offices. If you plan on choosing cleaners for your different cleaning needs, it is important that the differences between the two kinds of cleaning is understood in order to choose the most appropriate out of the two. The two kinds may variate depending on the different procedures involved in each kind. However, in order to understand the differences of commercial and domestic cleaning, the following factors can be considered.

Coverage Area

In reference to the above, domestic cleaning is related to residential buildings, this, in turn, means that the area of coverage included in this kind of cleaning is smaller with less cleaning required. Commercial cleaning in that regard involves a lot of office space which may sometimes extend to several floors required to be cleaned and sanitized. The difference between the two in relation to the coverage area can be explained as above.

Persons In Concern

If it is residential cleaning, it is often assumed that the members of the house take up the responsibilities of cleaning their premises since it is not too much of an area to be called for professional cleaning services. This type of cleaning would normally include, mopping, vacuuming and washing.  But commercial cleaning in Burswood would definitely require professional office cleaning personnel. This is considering the different tasks such as carpet cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, blinds cleaning, upholstery cleaning, sanitization etc.

Material And Tools In Use

For residential cleaning there is no need to use any rough chemicals on any surfaces considering that the dirt and germs are only at a minimal. Therefore, using simple machines like a vacuum, dishwasher and a washing machine would keep one part clean while others would require some buckets and mops. The situation is different from that of residential cleaning when it comes to commercial cleaning. As previously mentioned, corporates are required to be cleaned straight through to their roots to ensure safety for all employees at all times. For this, high quality, powerful chemical solvents along with heavy machinery would be in need to fulfill such cleaning needs.

The Procedure Of Cleaning

The cleaning process involved in commercial cleaning is far more different from what is practiced in residential cleaning. While there is no complex flow of event for residential cleaning, such a process exists in commercial cleaning as it is divided into several sections such as carpet cleaning, window cleaning, blind cleaning and many more.

Different kinds of cleaning require a different procedure to be implemented. These varying cleaning types also require contrasting materials and tools in the process as well. There is no way of having confusion on the two kinds of cleaning due to their very distinct variations in them. If you wish to hire someone for any of your cleaning needs, the above factors would help with the definition of whether you require a domestic cleaner or a commercial cleaner.


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