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Should You Construct A House Or Purchase Pre-Constructed One?

This question has been one of the intriguing questions that any potential homeowner asks themselves. Although there are a lot of factors to consider before the homeowner makes up his mind, he still finds himself confused on which is the better choice. To be honest, it depends on what you want to happen. Looking at it in an overall perspective, both options are feasible but it is important to weigh the factors.


To come up with a decision, it is important to know the construction price and the acquisition price. This factor is a common aspect that homeowners consider. After all, what’s the purpose of the plan if you can’t afford it anyway? So looking at the prices is a good fundamental step that you could do. Consider discussing your plans to an architect and to ask for a rough quotation on how much it would cost. Apart from this, you should also consider looking at pre-constructed houses. Meet the owner and ask them for the selling price of their home. After which, compare the construction price and the acquisition price. From here on, you will know your direction on which path to take.


If you desire to construct a house, your architect will do his best to incorporate the house design that you want. If you want a more dramatic house, pin lights and other lighting systems could be installed in your house to achieve your design goal. If you want something customized, the architect could do the same thing for you. However, if you want to purchase a pre-constructed house, both the exterior and interior designs have been set. Depending on your preferences, there are pre-constructed houses that have architectural design that can leave you in awe. Since it has been designed, you will have to adjust to the house, instead of the other way around.


In both options, document preparation is present. If you construct a house, there is no doubt that you have several permits that you have to complete before you begin the construction. A written contract also exists between you and your contractor. However, if you buy a pre-constructed one, the documents are limited to the deed of sale of the house and the property. In some cases, other documents such as dilapidation and owner builder 137b defect reports are required. Either way, you have to know your requirements to ensure that your rights as a homeowner are protected and that everything that you do is within the law.


Speaking of law, the standards of building a house is under the scope of certain country ruling. Although the laws vary from one country to the other, it is essential that you, your contractor, and your broker remain duly informed of these standards. Although some rulings may be troublesome to adhere to, it will be best if you always abide by it to eliminate any legal problems.

Constructing a house and purchasing a pre-constructed one are both great options. However, depending on your preference with regard to the design, structure, and cost would lead you to a more suitable choice to make. Consider these factors and you will be never wary in your decisions.


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