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Mistakes to Avoid When Renting Large Construction Machinery

Most small businesses often rely on renting large construction machinery for various jobs to save up on costs. Renting is its own form of art. Unlike buying new machinery, renting may seem budget-friendly. However, there are crucial diligence tasks you must perform before renting any type of machine. Here are several common mistakes you could end up making when renting heavy construction machinery:

Choosing the Wrong Machinery for the Job

More often than not, companies end up getting the wrong machine needed for the job. This is a common issue with lifting equipment. If you need a fork truck, don’t end up with a boom lift hire Brisbane. First, research the best type of machine for the job you have in mind. Then go ahead and rent or buy the machine. However, you need to absolutely make sure you are renting the right equipment for the job.

Renting Machines you are Not Authorised to Operate

You are not required to present any licenses when renting a heavy construction machine. But when you operate the machine, you do need to show your credentials. It’s illegal to operate certain heavy machines in Australia without the right licenses and government authorisation. Therefore, when you rent any machine, ask whether operating the machine requires a special licence. You can easily Google this information if needed.

Not Doing a Safety Check before Hiring

Heavy machinery, like passenger vehicles, need to be inspected for safety reasons before you put them to use. You obviously don’t want to rent a machine that’s not in a roadworthy condition to operate. Don’t rely on the renter to do this safety check. You must do it before renting any machine. Ask an experienced operator to do it for you if you don’t know how to. The last thing you need is faulty machinery at your work site.

Not Reading the Rental Agreement in Full

Do you know how much the rent is actually going to be for the duration of the period you have the machine? You can only know the exact figure if you read the terms of the contract. There could be fees pushed in there that may take you by surprise if you don’t read the full rental agreement in full. Therefore, always read the fine print before completing the business transaction.

Not Researching Local Rental Places First

Do you really need to have the machine you need trucked all the way from Sydney. More of than not, companies end up renting from big national companies when there could be local places that can offer the same machine for a better rate. You need to start your search locally, and only advance to the national stage if nothing is available locally.

Renting without Understanding Safety Requirements

You are responsible for each of the machine you operate and the person operating it. To be safe requires a keen understanding of politics. If you don’t know the safety requirements for the machinery, don’t operate it.

Mistakes happen but what matters the most is fixing the mistakes. Next time you want to rent something, make sure you don’t end up making the above mistakes.

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