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How Can Businesses Tackle Climate Change?

Climate change is a very real threat. With the younger generations getting more and more involved, there is no escaping the fact that climate change has come to affect our daily lives- both work and personal. And we only have ourselves to blame. Years of negligence and ignorance has made this an issue that can’t be ignored further. While governments take on things on a national level and individuals make choices on a personal level, what of businesses? Businesses have contributed more than their fair share to climate change and global warming and the public have begun to question why enough isn’t being done on our parts. Let’s change that. Here are some ways businesses can tackle climate change in their own way.

Measure It

First, you’ve got to measure your carbon footprint. There’s no point trying to fix everything unless you know just how much damage you’re doing. Measure how much greenhouse gas emissions your business generates in a year. With that mark, you can work on scaling your solutions. It’s best that you hire commercial energy consultants Sydney for both a specialized, expert opinion and to keep your credibility intact. They will also help in envisioning your sustainable solutions and tailoring the points to follow according to your specific business needs.

Supply Chains

Supply chains take up most of your negative environmental impacts.  Thus, this transition must primarily be addressed to ease your consumers’ minds and establish long term value. There are many reputable businesses worldwide that have given up (or been forced to give up against the threat of a ruined reputation) toxic materials or unsustainably sourced materials. To begin your fight against climate change, and if you’re using unsustainable materials in your products, start testing renewable materials so that you can replace them and build prototypes. You’ll be able to make the transition over a period of time and this will prevent your business from losing a significant amount of credibility.

Energy Efficiency

Factories, facilities, corporate offices and stores take up a lot of energy. You need to improve on your energy efficiency by investing in eco-friendly equipment and establishing a basic set of rules such as switching off unnecessary lights etc. Organizations have also gotten into the business of powering their operations with solar, renewable energy to significantly reduce their carbon footprint.


As a company, there are plenty of ways you can tackle greenhouse gas emissions caused by transport. For one, you can reduce logistics emissions by shipping products via sea freights rather than air. It is also a comparatively inexpensive method. You can also consider transitioning all company-owned conventional vehicles to electric vehicles or, if possible, give employees loans to purchase their own.


Recycle your industrial waste as much as possible and put in strict policies to make sure your employees do the same. Plastics are non-biodegradable items that take up to hundreds of years to decompose so another great way to tackle the environmental issues we face is to reduce on excessive product packaging and look for alternative materials rather than plastics.

If all businesses can come together and use these steps to tackle climate change, the environmental impact will be huge. Start today and spread the word. Not only will you be combatting a worthy cause, but you will also become a corporate hero in the eyes of the people, which will increase your profits in the long term!


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