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How African Countries Do Recycling

In the recent past, Africa has been known to be a continent that is stricken with poverty and many a political turmoil, however, even with all that the people of Africa are as resilient as they come. This can be seen with the many innovative ways they make use of what they have to live a life with integrity and dignity. One of the ways in which these resilient people could do this is because of the way they recycle and reuse certain stuff that anyone from another continent would just throw it away. Here are just some of the materials that are recycled and the ways in which they improve the lives of the people:


Interestingly rubber is something that is seen to be recycled and reused in great quantities. All they need is for someone to drop them off in bulk, and the people would do the rest. Especially when looking at wasted tyres, these tyres are reused for a lot of things which ordinary people would not even dream of using it for. In Botswana for example, people reuse old tyres and footwear. Ranging from flip flops to actual shoes, this footwear is quite durable and does the job of a regular flip flop or shoe, maybe does the job much better.


One of the most recycled materials in the world, metals are also used in unique ways that would baffle the ordinary person. In Tanzania, colanders and spatulas are sometimes made out of thrown away kitchen utensils or can be even made from the part of an old vehicle. As a result of such an excess of metals to be recycled, many Africans have taken it up as a business opportunity to craft kitchen utensils and other objects of use, in order to earn some sort of income.


In many other countries, paper recycling often ensues the pulping of the old paper to make new paper. African countries, on the other hand, do paper recycling quite differently in addition to the regular ways. One such way of recycling old paper is by using it as packaging material or as paper bags to wrap food around. This has made the packaging problem quite easy to deal with in Africa since it is readily available anywhere you go. As a result, the recycling centres in Africa often have an incentive to continue operations due to the high demand of recycled paper.


Considered to be one of the most unfriendly material to the environment, Africans look at plastic in a different way. Plastic and polythene is used innovative ways in the field of farming and many other agricultural activities, thus making the disposing of plastic and polythene in the continent not a huge problem when compared to other countries around the world. Greenhouses and even the houses of the farmers may be made out of these recycled plastics and polythene.

In short, Africa may not be as developed as Europe, but it certainly is an innovative one that would soon catch up to it.


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