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How A Home Surveillance System Is Installed in Australia

When installing a surveillance system, one might say that there is not much that goes into it, due to the fact that it is just a matter of placing the cameras in the right spot and getting the wiring right. However, it is just not as black and white as it sounds. This is because it is important to note that the wiring can be quite tricky, especially if the cameras are placed in tricky areas of the property. There are instances where the wiring has to be completely redone, due to unforeseen circumstances. Here are just some factors that have to be taken into consideration when installing a security system in your property:

Finding the Right Places

Even if you do have the latest and greatest in home alarm systems Melbourne, it would be worthless if the main elements of it, such as the cameras are not placed in the right locations. In other words, it is important to consider the most probable places where any sort of deviant activity could originate in. The identification of these areas can be done in the form of an area assessment, where you can find the more isolated areas of the property and the most ill guarded. This would enable you to find the most strategic places to place the cameras to monitor the areas.


This can be considered to be one of the more difficult and tricky areas of the installation process. This is because the wires should be grouped and arranged in such a way that it would not be exposed to the elements and can be serviced when the time comes. Moreover, the wires also have to be properly connected to the central monitor too, so as to make sure the cameras are capturing live images with crisp picture quality.

Adjustments to Cameras

It is very rare that the installation of the surveillance system will be perfected in one go. It is mostly a work in progress, even after the installation has been done. This comes in the form of adjusting the cameras. More often than not, there are minor adjustments that have to be done to the cameras, so as to make sure the right areas are being captured and transmitted to the central monitor. There might be an instance that you might have to change the type of camera set in a particular area, to another type, to make sure the entire area is covered.

Digital Video Recording

This is considered to be central core of the entire surveillance system. The cameras may capture the crisp images, however, there has to be some device that can transmit that into the monitor. The Digital Video Recorder or DVR is the main device that records all the events that take place in the areas that the cameras cover, therefore having it set up properly is very important.

A home surveillance system then is something that may look straightforward to install, but really is quite intricate, making it all the more important to make sure it is done by qualified professionals.


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