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Guidelines to Get Started on Creating Your Own Music

Have you always dreamed of creating your own music? It is just a dream for a lot of people if you don’t put in the hard work and effort that goes into fulfilling this fabulous dream! There are various types of musicians and broadly we can categorize them into 3 types. One is the people who want to make music professionally, the others are the ones who want to impress a small community while the other type is the ones who want to create music mainly for self-enjoyment. The difference in each type is the audience they target. There are many paths you can take in order to fulfil your dream but the most important thing is to keep learning and practicing throughout. Let’s have a look at some ways in which you can get started on your journey.

The First Lesson Is to Listen to Music

The more music you start listening to, the more inspired you will be when it comes to creating your own music. Not to mention that if you want to make your own music, you probably already do listen to a lot of music but diversifying your music genres to different types will also make you more creative and help you in your own music. You can listen to music anywhere with headphones on. Listening to more and more music makes you subconsciously ready and even helps you complete what is known as a 3 note pattern into a riff. Moreover, it enhances the internal metronome which is something a good musician should have.

Choose an Instrument to Play

Pick an instrument that you would like to play instead of looking for an “easy instrument” to play because there is no such thing. Each musical instrument requires plenty of practice and learning so choose the instrument that best fits in with the genre you want to play and pursue it. Some of the popular song writing instruments are the piano and the guitar and they are also great for many genres of music. There are many tutorials online that you can start practicing with and make sure not to spend too much money on your first instrument as it would be a waste if you decide not to continue with that particular instrument. Do lots of research before buying by checking info, reviews and demos of the instrument. This way, you are informed before making the purchase.

Learning to Play A Musical Instrument

Learning to play, like any other skill takes patience and the key to mastering a specific skill is nothing but practice. It is crucial to practice as much as you can, daily. This is the only way you can get good results, as practicing one day for 5 hours and not for the next 5 days is less effective than practicing a little every day. If you can, you may want to consider getting a private tutor to teach you at the beginning so that they can help you learn faster and prevent you from picking up any bad habits.


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