Essential Boat Electronics for Newbies

Boating is such a relaxing and fun hobby. Whether you’re simply having a cruise or going out to far places, you’d definitely feel refreshed and relaxed with the beautiful view of nature in front of you. Boating might not be that hard for some especially when they already have the skills and experience needed in controlling a boat. However, for first-timers, controlling a boat can be confusing especially when you’re still not familiar with all the controls onboard.

Boat electronics make navigating and running a boat a lot easier and convenient. Before setting out to the waters, see to it that all the essential electronics are set for a smooth boating experience. Here are the 5 basic electronics every boat should have.

Multifunction Displays

Multifunction displays or MFD combine most of your boat’s systems into one interface and could either be keypad controlled or touch screen. It may sound confusing thinking that it has all the different systems in it but MFDs are actually relatively easy to learn and understand. It is as simple as using apps on a smartphone once you get used to it. Aside from the electrical systems, an MFD is also capable of digital switching which allows you to turn any device on or off such as lighting, pumps, and many more.

Marine GPS

Just like your car, having a GPS in your boat also makes navigating a lot convenient and easy no matter where you are and even when you’re still exploring new waters. A marine GPS helps you know your precise location and the destination you’re going to. Although you need to consider water depth, and other factors while navigating, using this device is pretty much simple just like a regular GPS you use on land vehicles.

VHF Radio

Another essential gadget you should have in your boat is a VHF marine radio. It serves as your main communication device to reach the authorities in case there is an emergency while you’re out in the waters. Although some might think that bringing a regular phone would be enough, the network services usually get sketchy on the sea especially when you’re gone too far from the land. Phones are also prone to water damage making them unsuitable to bring on a boat. However, a VHF radio serves its purpose plus it is also water-resistant making it convenient to be used on a boat.

Engine Monitors

There are also engine monitors in a boat just like what you have in the dashboard of a car. However, an engine monitor in a boat has more variables in it such as rudder angle, and other necessary data needed when running a boat. Although this feature can be incorporated into an MFD, it could take up so much space making it more convenient to have the engine monitors on a separate screen.

Whether you are using a small or big boat, having these basic electronics are important in making it easier and more convenient to navigate on the waters.

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