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Choose the Perfect Furniture Style for Your Home

The furniture style you chose for your house helps to complete the overall theme of your interior architecture. There are many furniture styles that you can choose from, from mid-century modern to contemporary style. So if you are wondering what to choose and why you should choose that style, here is a list of all the furniture styles you will need to know.

Traditional Style

This style can give your place the classical Europeanelegance. It is known for its sophisticated and simple look. Deep and rich wooden tones, solid colours, elegant materials such as velvet, silk and leather, and intricate details are some of its unique features. Button tufted furniture, armchairs and wingback couches are some furniture types used in this style. If you are fan of Victorian themed furniture designs with old-world designs this is the right theme for you.

Modern Style

Modern style is created with the use of simplistic decoration, with neural colour pallets. Sleek lines, geometric shapes, fabrics such as vinyl and faux leather and material such as metal, steel and glass are some features of this style. Comfortable yet, minimalist furniture such as glass furnishings without intricate detailing or flair can be seen in this style.Modern theme adds emphasis on function before decoration and detailing without any practical purpose is eliminated.

Contemporary Style

Much similar to modern theme, contemporary style is one of the latest trend to come into the world of architecture and interior designing. It contains both curved and straight, smooth shapes making it one of the fluid styles allowing you to shop for furniture such as sleek glass furnishings to occasional chairs Melbourne. Silhouettes that are sleek, geometric shapes, glossy surfaces, neutral colours, and use of less ornamental details are some features unique to this style.

Transitional Theme

If you don’t want to stick to one specific theme and want to experiment with your interior décor, then this is the best theme for you. Transitional theme is another popular style used in interior decoration at present day and is a mix of both traditional and modern styles. Mix of wooden as well as glossy furnishings, materials such as linen, leather and velvet, and intricate decoration are some features of this style. This style allows you to use sleek glass tables as well as heavily decorated leather couches for your home.

Mid-Century Modern

This is a style that resembles the architecture of the mid-20th century from 1930s to 1960s. Sophisticated appearance with minimalist designs, handmade and hand painted designs, natural wooden surfaces, as well as wood grain patterns, solid colours, fabrics such as linen and cotton are some of the features you can choose if you want to stick to this theme. Chaise lounge chairs, low bed frames that allows you to decorate the space over the bed are some examples for this type.

Once you decide which theme you prefer the most and/ or which theme match the architecture of your house, you can start shopping for furniture that helps you to create that theme. Choosing furniture under a specific theme will help you to add a more organized and de-cluttered appearance to your place and can enhance the visual appeal of your house.


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