A Guide to Exterior and Interior Detailing Equipment

Detailing your car requires an intense process of washing, cleaning and waxing to get your vehicle in peak condition. There are different equipment you could be using for each component of your car and you need to be careful in case you select something that happens to be incompatible. To help you along, here’s a list of supplies you’ll have to understand before beginning the cleaning process.

Specialized Detergent

At the top of this list of professional detailing supplies is specialized detergent. Using your usual abrasive soaps can severely damage your paintwork by accelerating the oxidation process. A car wash detergent will remove all the dust particles and grit, making your car look shiny- and at the same time, does not put the paintwork at any risk.

Waxes and Sealants

These products are great at creating a protective barrier for your vehicle. Without this, your paint is once again at considerable risk. Firstly, with such products, it reduces friction by smoothening the paint surface so any tiny debris that hits your car as you travel is more likely to merely slide off rather than cause small scrapes. Secondly, it is much easier to clean when you’ve waxed your car. Thirdly, it gives your car more depth and a richer, fuller look.

Detailing Clay Bar

This detailing tool is commonly used in removing paint overspray, tree sap and other road soils from the paint that are blemishing the vehicle. When using it, you need to remember to keep the tool lubricated with clay bar lubricant so as to allow the clay to smoothly glide over the surface and trap the contaminants. Without this lubrication, you will leave behind a residue that will be tiresome to remove.

Tire Cleaning Products

Your tires can get pretty dirty in just a few days so it’s best not to forget to clean it with specialized products. Go for acid-free products and always sample spray over a small portion of your wheel first to see if your cleaner is compatible with the type of wheel you have. You do not want to risk corroding. It’ll help if you get a wheel brush as well when doing this.

Upholstery Cleaner

The specific type of cleaner you’ll need depends on whether your upholstery is leather, vinyl or cloth. Each three have different needs so you’ll want to be careful when picking this product out. Before you use the product, however, you’ve to thoroughly vacuum your car first, reaching all possible nooks and crannies. In smaller areas, you can even use a damp cloth or a smaller brush to get the dust out. After that you can apply your cleaner, in circular motions using a soft cloth. You’ll have your upholstery soft and supple with regular maintenance.

Upholstery Protector

After cleaning your upholstery, you can use an upholstery protector to reduce or even eliminate stains! It can be used on headliners, floor mats, seats (and seat-belts), convertible tops etc. Apply this kind of fabric guards and it will undoubtedly make the process easier for you when you’re trying to get a stubborn stain out.

These are some of the main supplies you have to look out for when detailing your car. Get your hands on them and the process will become a whole lot easier for you!


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