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5 Warehouse Hazards to Watch Out For

Warehouses are dangerous- there’s no doubt about that. There could even be tragic fatalities if the working environment is not fortified with precautions. This means that all those in this line of work need to know the risks and potential hazards they’ll encounter. Here’s a list of some of the most common hazards and how you can control them:


One of the most horrific accidents to befall an employee is to be crushed between a forklift truck and the loading docks. The only way you can guard against this is to advise forklift operators to be more attentive and to ensure that they stick strictly to driving slowly along with the dock plates because this type of tragedy usually occurs due to the forklift running off the dock. It would also help to have precautions in place that will prevent nearby workers from running too near to the docks. So if you don’t have such mechanisms in place, you’ll have to get this sorted out for your warehouse immediately.


Given that unsafe use of forklifts accounts for most accidents in a warehouse, it’s safe to say basic forklift safety must be included. Operators absolutely have to be competent enough to operate the forklift- and this has to be proven through certified training. You shouldn’t just leave it at this, however. Regularly perform evaluations and refresher courses if you notice that the employee is operating the equipment in an unsafe manner. It would also be highly beneficial if a pre-start inspection was carried out for any damage.


In a warehouse, materials that are stacked up against each other in an unsafe manner are slip and fall hazards. It should be standard practice to ensure that materials are positioned evenly so as to keep aisles free of any obstacles. Of course, the heavier loads should always be positioned towards the bottom and should they be removed, it must always be one at a time. These are certain regulations you need to instill into employees as they might fall prey to unsafe practices in order to make up for time.

Manual Lifting

All your employees need to know the importance of ergonomics in the workplace. While this is something that is stressed upon in employees’ working desk jobs, it is even more important for warehouse workers. Manual lifting has been a common cause for several musculoskeletal disorders, sprains and broken bones. If a load is too heavy, stress the importance of assistance but also show them the importance of proper posture.


When dealing with hazardous chemicals there needs to be a proper signage system in place. This communication system should intensively cover the aspects of identifying between risky chemicals, as well as how to handle, store and dispose of them.

Warehouse hazards are quite common, which is why it is important that every employee that enters your workplace has a very good idea of the risks involved. Use the above to rigorously train your employees on safe practices that will ensure their wellbeing.


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