4 Ways to Get Closer to Your Significant Other This Weekend

How often do you find the time to get together with your partner and do something you both enjoy during the week? In today’s fast-paced society you will hardly have any time to engage in anything but work during the weekdays and once you go home, well, you’re just exhausted and won’t have the energy for anything else. But come the weekend, you better be prepared to make up for the five days you lost and show the one you love a great time. Here are a few great ideas to help you with this endeavour.

Go On A Road Trip          

Hanging around in the house can be full of distractions and various external obligations can deviate you from your goal of spending some quality time with your partner. To escape all such distractions and make sure that the two of you get to spend some much-deserved alone time, hit the road in your very own car and enjoy each other’s company in a good old-fashioned road trip. Depending on where you plan to go, pack some clothes, lots of water, some snacks for the road, emergency and medical supplies and some good tunes. Be sure to get your car serviced at least a couple days before the big day so that it will be smooth sailing all the way, without any unfortunate breakdowns.

Step Outside

Chilling indoors by watching a movie or playing video games can definitely be fun, but the two best days of the week should be spent doing something a little more productive than that. Make this an opportunity to escape from the weary concrete jungle we live in and get closer to nature, which might bring you and your partner a little closer than you were before. Hold hands and take a mesmerizing Grampains tour and experience an exciting adventure amidst the renown wilderness of eastern Victoria. Cycling is another fun way to spend time outdoors and get a little physical at the same time.

Get Physical!

Allocating time to give our physical health the care it deserves can be quite difficult these days and there are always a thousand reasons that will keep us from gaining some proper exercise. However, if you get your partner involved in the activity and make it a point to make a weekend commitment to work out together, it will surely increase the possibility of getting things done the way you want. In addition to the improved physical wellbeing, research shows that couples who work out together will develop a stronger bond than those who don’t thank to all the endorphins and dopamine that the body creates, which can considerably bring down stress levels and enhance the sensation of pleasure. So, start exercising with your SO to strengthen your body and the relationship.

Make Plans for a Date

Spontaneity may be romantic when it comes to proposing (which should ideally be a one-time thing!), but when making plans for date night, it might cause a lot of tension between you and your partner, especially when making trivial decisions such as where you are going to go, what you are going to eat or what you are going to wear! Therefore, the best thing to do is to plan well in advance just how you are going to spend the night so that there will be nothing left to do in the very last moment. Spend the first part of the weekend planning everything out and enjoy a romantic evening with your loved one later.


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