According to the 2011 Australian Census, there were 4,130 people that considered Bargo home. The average weekly wage was $563, and the average age was 37.

Females in Bargo

50.7% of people in Bargo were female. 39.3% of females were married, and 7.2% were in a De facto relationship. 6.1% were widowed, and 21.5% had never married. 8.8% were separated or divorced. 22.7% of the female population was under the age of 15.

Males in Bargo

49.3% of people in Bargo were male. 40.1% of males were married, and 7.1% were in a De facto relationship. 5.2% were widowed, and 26.1% had never married. 7.6% were separated or divorced. 22.5% of the male population was under the age of 15.

Property in Bargo

There were 1,521 properties in Bargo, 92.6% of which were occupied by residents. Of these, 34.0% were owned outright by the people that lived there, and 46.7% were currently on their way to owning their home. The average weekly rent in Bargo was about $270, while the average monthly mortgage payment was $2,100. Roughly 41.4% of the household income was dedicated to mortgage payments. 19.5% of households had no internet.

Unless noted, demographic data sets are from the 2011 Australian Census. Copyright of demographic related data resides with Commonwealth of Australia. Used with permission.